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Cops probe possible link between Olympic Way shooting and Tabby Diamond murder

Published:Friday | April 1, 2022 | 12:08 AMAndre Williams/Staff Reporter
Members of the security forces outside a restaurant along Olympic Way in St Andrew, where two men were shot yesterday afternoon.
Members of the security forces outside a restaurant along Olympic Way in St Andrew, where two men were shot yesterday afternoon.

The shooting of two men at a ​restaurant along Olympic Way in St Andrew yesterday evening has triggered deeper fears among residents that irregularity in the space is inevitable – at least for a while.

Businesses had to be shuttered earlier than usual last evening following the attack, which residents theorise

Residents believe it was reprisal for the double murder Tuesday night involving reggae legend Donald Orlando Shaw, more popularly known as Tabby Diamond, leader singer of world renowned group, The Mighty Diamonds.

Shaw and a man identified as Owen Beckford were killed when a gunman opened fire at a group of people outside a shop across from his house on McKinley Crescent about 9:40 p.m.

Three other people, including a woman, were also shot.

The police believe that Tuesday's attack could be stemming from a long-time feud between factions from McKinley Crescent and Wint Road.

A resident told The Gleaner that she is now fearful and will try to stay leaving home to avoid getting caught in any attack as tension heightens.

“Di man dem in a the restaurant and man just walk out the lane and go in pon dem and start fire shot. Mi swear think one of the man dem did dead, but we hear say up to when him reach hospital, him did a manage. It a go tense, worse dem kill Tabby Diamond,” she told The Gleaner.

One of the men was shot in the arm while the other was shot repeatedly in his upper body.

A senior policeman told The Gleaner that one of the men shot on Thursday is the nephew of a Wint Road don.

Superintendent Damion Manderson, head of operations in the St Andrew South Police Division, visited the area yesterday.

“We're still not sure or can't say where this latest incident is coming from, but it is too coincidental, it would seem. Really still can’t say if there is any link, as a matter of safe measure, we are taking it that it is,” Manderson said of a possible connection between both shootings.

The senior cop said that the police would institute a soft lockdown in the area.

“We will continue to do the legwork around these incidents. We are going to keep at it,” he added.

Manderson said that the police are getting the necessary strategic support from the division and the High Command.

“In terms of resources, we are pushing. We’re just, at this point, assessing and reviewing every day. This is a new day, a new incident, so we’re gonna keep reviewing and strategise to go forward. We not gonna just take it for granted,” he said.