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Moses hits perfect score in PEP

Published:Wednesday | August 4, 2021 | 12:06 AMTamara Bailey/Gleaner Writer
Moses Wallace
Moses Wallace

MANDEVILLE, Manchester:

Though a lover of computers and its operations, the transition from face-to-face classes to a virtual classroom was one of the most difficult things for Moses Wallace to contend with as he prepared for the Primary Exit Profile (PEP) exams.

Coupled with his anxiety each time changes were made for the date of the exams, and a responsibility to maintain his known streak of excellence as an honour roll student, Wallace was pleasantly surprised that he hit the perfect score of 100 per cent in his ability test and performed better than 99 per cent of those who sat the test.

“The exam preparation was very hard and it took a lot of sacrifices. However, being a Christian and from a Christian home, I knew I could depend on God to carry me through the process. I had to study while my sibling played, and I had to give up my favourite game to facilitate extra classes and studying. I had a timetable on the door of my room that showed my study schedule and subject. My mom got me all the pass papers she could for the mental ability test. In the evening before I started to study, I would do at least two PEP papers. My older brother or my mom would assist in marking this for me,” Wallace said.

In addition to the sacrifices he had to make, the youngster said he also had to find ways to mitigate technological issues and being confined to his home because of the pandemic.

“I started to use different strategies, such as recording classes so that I could watch them over, and get notes that I missed during a power outage. If I should be honest, there were days when I got so frustrated with the online learning that I would be on YouTube while teacher was teaching, or I would be playing a game. My teacher would miss me and call my mom, and I would hear the house phone ring, with my mom on the end shouting, ‘Why are you not in class?’” he said laughingly.


The Mount St Joseph Preparatory student, who will be attending deCarteret College, said he is just happy it all worked out for him.

“I know I worked hard and did my best, but I never thought I would get a perfect score. I thought to myself, I must get at least in the 90s, but never imagined 100.

With his heart set on becoming a developer or a data scientist, Wallace is happy for the support his parents continue to give him.

“I have the most supporting parents. My mother is my biggest supporter; she is my loudest voice. My dad is very conservative, so he does not speak much, but he is always there to kick a ball with me when I need to release my stress of school. My parents did everything in their power to ensure I got the best education. Every time a circumstance arises, they would ask, What would you do in such a situation?’ and based on my response, they would say, Yes, that’s good critical thinking’, or ‘No, you are not thinking critically’.”

Wallace’s mother, Natoya Wallace, said their wish is to see their son receive the best things life has to offer.

“We are ecstatic ... proud beyond words. He has worked very hard, and his hard work has paid off. Indeed, God has been faithful to us. As Christians, we believe that when you trust in God, he will direct your path ,and he has directed Moses’ path. All glory belongs to God. We wish Moses nothing but the best that life has to offer. We will continue to guide him, and we trust God to steer our lives. We love Moses with all our hearts and believe that he will be successful in his future endeavours.”