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Scattering roses

Clarendon police surprise custos with moving tribute

Published:Monday | February 21, 2022 | 12:06 AMCecelia Campbell-Livingston/Gleaner Writer
Custos of Clarendon William Shagoury accepts an appreciation plaque from commanding officer for Clarendon, SSP Glenford Miller.
Custos of Clarendon William Shagoury accepts an appreciation plaque from commanding officer for Clarendon, SSP Glenford Miller.

WILLIAM SHAGOURY, custos of Clarendon, came to the May Pen Police Station with script in hand to address the division's commanders at their monthly 'task meeting'.

He was taken off-guard when the team, headed by Senior Superintendent of Police Glenford Miller, revealed that the real reason for his invitation was to celebrate the man who was always giving and making life easier for them.

Miller, in lauding Shagoury, reminisced on some of his good deeds in support of the various police zones in the parish.

“In relocating the May Pen Police Station from its dilapidated building that was at Main Street, to this modern facility where we are now, which is more suitable for the police, for that custos we want to tell you thanks,” he said.

Miller heaped praises on the custos who was instrumental in preparing the parking area for the police officers to use, as there was none available.

Senior Superintendent Chris Phillips, the former operations manager for the parish who now heads the St Catherine South Police Division, lauded Shagoury for not only his kindness but for his words of wisdom and support.

“I have not met another person like custos. You talking about an individual who not only talk about it but have the action to back it up,” he noted.

Shagoury, who is also head of the Clarendon Crime Prevention Committee, was also praised for his effort in helping to fight crime. Phillips shared that he intends to bring the same template to his new location.

He said he has already had discussions with St Catherine Custos Icilyn Golding and she likes the concept, which they are now working on implementing.

Among the other police officers who paid tribute to Shagoury were deputy superintendents Owen Brown and Anton-Gur Cardoza, as well as Detective Kerry Ann Maylor Wallace.

For the officers, it was a chance to 'scatter roses' while the custos is still alive, a departure from what Brown said was the norm to say 'all the good things' when the person is no longer alive.

In responding to the surprise appreciation, Shagoury stated that there are good men in the force, while admitting that it is not easy being a police officer. He pledged his continued support and reminded others who are willing to help not to expect anything in return.

“If the police give you a ticket, don't expect 'a bligh' because you showed support,” he stressed.

Shagoury was presented with a custom-made water bottle, a plaque and a basket.